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Anime Games To Take US By Storm

Date: 2005 April 30 04:56

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Bandai Games will launch seven new games on the U.S market later this summer according to its website, though it will introduce them for the first time at the E3 videogame Trade show.

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These games include One Piece: Great Battle for PS2, and GameCube; another One Piece game for Gameboy Advance; a Zatch Bell fighting game for the GameCube, an Inuyasha: Feudal Combat fighting game for PS2; a DICE action game for the PS2; a Mobile Suit Gundam SEED action game for the PS2; a multi-player Digimon World 4 RPG for PS2, GameCube and Xbox; and a new game based on Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex for the PSP handheld platform which features a futuristic Era with technological weapons.

Source: ICv2
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