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PCR Distributing, Co - Yulia Nova Cosplay DVDs Vol. 1-3

Date: 2005 February 19 08:40

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Russian Idol Yulia Nova and Japanese photographer Satoshi Kizu have teamed up to produce some Cosplay DVDs, which are well clearly aimed at the more mature audience. The Otaku News Crew wonder who buys these things and more importantly, why they don't bother buying Schoolgirl Milky Crisis instead! ^_-

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Press release as follows:



San Diego, CA, Thursday, February 16, 2005 - PCR Distributing Co., a distributor of Japan-related products in the U.S., has announced the licensing of the next three Yulia Nova DVDs for the U.S. market, Yulia Nova Cosplay Series vol. 1-3.

Yulia Nova is a famous softcore nude idol from Moscow who was discovered by Japanese photographer Satoshi Kizu. She became an unqualified sensation in Japan, appearing in videos as well as photobooks and dozens of magazines. Through the Internet Yulia has gained thousands of fans all over the world, who have long waited for these all-new DVD releases.

The three new DVDs feature all-new footage shot featuring Ms. Nova in "cosplay" (costume play), a major Japanese fetish. Costumes the model wears include French maid, bunny girl, nurse, exotic dancer, and more. The DVDs are uncensored, free of the "mosaic" censorship found in Yulia's original video releases. The discs are also subtitled in English and each is 60 minutes.

The three DVDs will be available at a list price of $59.95 each, in a special "region free" worldwide format for non-Japanese DVD players. The DVDs are available wholesale from PCR Distributing ( and to retail customers at J-List (

PCR Distributing Co. was founded in 2001 to wholesale unique Japan-related products to retailers. They sell English-translated Japanese adult games for PCs, humorous Japanese-language T-shirts with messages like "I'm Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend," and other products for retailers with Japan-oriented customers.

Source: PCR Distributing
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