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Anime All Nighter In London

Date: 2005 January 19 18:03

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Lucky otaku who can get to London in the first weekend of February are in for a real treat. The Sci-Fi-London event will be running an anime all nighter with support from Redbull and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (make mine Chocolate Fudge Brownie) and with free Tea and Coffee everyone's sure to stay awake from the midnight starting time until 9:30 am the next day!
They'll be screening:

- Lady Death
- Parasite Dolls
- Sky Blue (a Korean animation also known as Wonderful Days)
- RahXephon The Movie.

We suggest that hardcore otaku go to the London Anime Club afterwards for a total weekend of anime!

Full Story

Press release as follows:

Moving from the Other Cinema to the Curzon SOHO, the infamous ANIMÉ:ALLNIGHT event has a great line-up of amazing animation from around the world.

The line-up is as follows:
Parasite Dolls is a collection of three stories that take place in a futuristic Bubblegum Crisis universe. The stories revolve around Buzz Nikvest, an officer of Branch, the secret division of the A.D. Police. These stories have a very mature theme to them and deal heavily with the concepts of the purpose of machines in human life. This anime has violence, nudity, sex, prostitution, gore and all those other things that would give it an R-rating. There is nothing cutesy about this animé.

SKY BLUE (a.k.a WONDERFUL DAYS) (Korea 2003)
Touted by many as the "best Korean animé ever" this is an extremely ambitious movie. Civilisation has been obliterated by war and pollution, only the shielded city ‘Ecoban’ survives. Its people, under military rule, have never seen a blue sky. Jay, a security unit leader, was told when she was a child by her first love, Shua, that one day they would see a clear blue sky. Now, years after his supposed death, he returns to Ecoban as part of a terrorist organisation known as the Hot Dogs, determined to fulfil his promise.

LADY DEATH (USA 2004, Dir: Andrew Orjula)
Based on the comic book by Brian Pulido

Set in 15th Century Sweden, Hope, the beautiful daughter of Matthias (who is believed to be a skilled mercenary, but is in fact Lucifer, the Lord of Lies), is accused of being the devil's consort following a hellish incident witnessed by local villagers.

Hope is an innocent young woman who has no idea her father is actually Lucifer. When the town priest discovers his secret, Lucifer escapes to Hell, leaving his daughter behind to pay for his evil.

Hope is sentenced to be burned at the stake. Writhing in pain and unable to think clearly, she accepts Lucifer's offer of life in Hell over a hideously painful death.

Lucifer has a grand plan to corrupt a soul of pure innocence, giving him supreme power; however, Hope rejects Lucifer's scheme and is betrayed, beaten, and left for dead. Hope's soul undergoes a transformation. She becomes vengeance incarnate, a being with awesome powers - she is now "Lady Death" and woe to any demon that stands in her way.

A powerful story of innocence lost, savage betrayal and glorious rebirth

The world of RahXephon, where humans and ‘Mu’ fight for dominance over a shattered Earth, and giant statues are the ultimate weapons. Where music forms the fabric of the universe and the link between two hearts is the thread upon which the fate of humanity hangs. It is still a love story, but it is not the same story. Prepare for new visions and new revelations, as the other side of RahXephon is finally revealed.

This movie is a complete story and you do not need to know the series it originally came from.

This all-nighter starts at Midnight on Saturday 5th Feb and ends around 9.30am on Sunday 6th. We are happy to have been supported REDBULL and BEN & JERRY'S ice-cream and will be handing it out to everyone who attends. To help keep you awake the Curzon SOHO will provide free Tea and Coffee for the night.

These films are all being screened from Digi-beta tape, not DVD

Source: Sci-Fi-London
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