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RWBY Volume 5 - Premieres October 14, 2017 on Rooster Teeth FIRST

Date: 2017 October 13 15:49

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Volume 5 of popular anime RWBY by Rooster Teeth debuts on 14th October 2017 on Rooster Teeth First. We plan to catch up with our friends at Rooster Teeth this weekend to learn more about the series at RTX London, however click below for a glimpse of what to expect from the new series.

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Press release as follows:


RWBY Volume 5

In a world filled with horrific monsters bent on death and destruction, humanity's hope lies with powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long are four such Huntresses in training whose journeys will take them far past the grounds of their school, Beacon Academy. Though each may be powerful on their own, these four girls must overcome dark forces and work as a team if they truly hope to become the next generation of Remnant's protectors.

RWBY Volume 5 - Premieres October 14, 2017 on FIRST

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it's the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it's clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant has been chosen. The question is, with so many players in this game, who's going to come out on top?

RWBY REWIND - Premieres Live, October 17, 2017 only on FIRST

In RWBY Rewind, Rooster Teeth hosts Yssa Badiola (Fan Service host and Lead 2D Animator at Rooster Teeth Animation) and Chad James (Producer at ScrewAttack and voice of Boomstick in Death Battle) catch up with the stars and crew behind RWBY, react to the series with fans, and provide exclusive sneak-peeks at upcoming episodes. RWBY REWIND airs live exclusively on FIRST the Tuesday after the premiere broadcast of new episodes of RWBY.

CRWBY: Behind the Episode - Premieres October 14, 2017 only on FIRST

Have you ever wondered how RWBY is made? Each week, CRWBY: Behind the Episode will give you a peek at the magic, highlight the animation process, and introduce you to the animators, engineers, producers and artists who work tirelessly to bring the World of Remnant to life. CRWBY: Behind the Episode airs exclusively on FIRST immediately following the premiere broadcast of new episodes of RWBY.


RWBY Fathom Event
On October 12, RWBY fans will have the exclusive opportunity to see the premiere of Volume 5 in movie theaters before it premieres on FIRST as part of a special one-night event through Fathom Events and produced by Rooster Teeth. For more information, visit

Twitch RWBY Marathon
Volumes 1-4 of RWBY will stream back to back all day on Twitch at October 9-13.

RWBY: Combat Ready
Recently launched on Kickstarter in collaboration with Arcane Wonders, RWBY: Combat Ready is a cooperative board game where you and your friends join forces to take on infamous RWBY villains and slay monstrous Grimm!

Source: Rooster Teeth
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