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Your Name Breaks Box Office Records

Date: 2016 November 25 17:19

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The good folks from Anime Limited have just sent us details about their Your Name screening. The film has grossed £108,372 at the UK and Irish Box Offices across 104 screens. They tell us it breaks the record for a single day gross and is the widest ever screen release for an anime film.

During the campaign the film received positive praise from the mainstream press including Mark Keromode who gave it a great review on his film show and on his film column

If you've missed the movie you can find a screening of Your Name by going to, alternatively you can see if there will be another screening near you via the on-demand cinema platform Our Screen.

You can read our review of the movie and our interview with director Makoto Shinkai.

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Press release as follows:

LONDON - 25th November 2016



Critically acclaimed animation, Your Name’s single day cinema expansion on 25th November to 104 screens has grossed £108,372 at the UK and Irish Box Office. This result breaks the record for a single day gross and is the widest ever screen release for an anime film, overtaking the results of movies including ‘Spirited Away’ and ‘When Marnie Was There.’

Your Name is released by Anime Ltd and National Amusements and has played to sold out audiences in more than 26 locations with enthusiastic fans purchasing tickets up to 5 weeks in advance. The event style cinema expansion follows a key city release on 18 November and Your Name will continue to play in select cinemas in the coming weeks. To date, Your Name has grossed £138,048 in the UK and Ireland.

Fans can also secure their own screenings of the film in their local cinemas through on-demand cinema platform, Ourscreen

Makoto Shinkai’s mesmerising and charming story of body swapping teens has been a stellar success in Japan, grossing over 19 Billion Yen (£139 million) and placed itself firmly in the running for upcoming Awards success.

Your Name (aka Kimi No Na Wa) generated significant mainstream buzz for an anime film and garnered 5 star reviews from UK critics including Empire, Total Film, The Observer and The Sunday Times.

Andrew Partridge of Anime Ltd commented "I am ecstatic and humbled by the support anime fans have shown for Your Name. Also I am thrilled that UK media who have from Radio 4’s Front Row right through to The Sun shown tremendous love for Makoto Shinkai's masterpiece and helped in our ultimate aim to break anime out firmly into the mainstream psyche and box office where we think more work is to be done over the coming weeks."

James Dobbin of National Amusements commented "We are thrilled with last night’s results particularly as the cinema distribution included a large number of multiplexes in key cities but also plenty of smaller towns across the UK and Ireland. We’re committed to bringing a regular strand of anime to the big screen and this success gives us a great platform to build on in 2017."

★★★★★ Empire Magazine

★★★★★Total Film

★★★★★ The Daily Telegraph

★★★★★ Sunday Times Culture

★★★★★ The Observer

★★★★★ Metro

★★★★★ City AM

★★★★ The Times

★★★★ Daily Express

★★★★ Daily Star

★★★★ Time Out

★★★★ The Independent

★★★★ Time Out

★★★★BBC Radio 1

★★★★ Heat

★★★★ The Sun

Your Name is the story of a teenage boy and girl who have never met, but who start to magically swap minds and live each other’s lives. Mitsuha, a teenage girl student, lives in a small mountain town, but longs for the bright lights of Tokyo far away. Then she is astonished to wake one morning in the body of Taki, a teenage Tokyo schoolboy – who in turn wakes up in Mitsuha’s body!

Switching back and forth between two lives, locations and genders, Mitsuha and Taki must cope with their fantastic shared situation. At first they are outraged and mortified by what’s happening, but soon they start enjoying their double lives, though they never meet directly. Eventually, though, one of the youngsters will learn the devastating truth behind what’s happening...

Source: Anime Limited
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