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Sherlock Manga Release Details Update

Date: 2016 March 26 15:21

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We've already published details about Titan Comic's up-coming release of the Sherlock Manga. As news is spreading we wanted to know more details about the actual release. So we go it touch with Titan Comics editor Andrew James to talk about the release.

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We wanted to know if the release would be mirrored, or if it would be left in it's original right to left format. He informs us that -

"In terms of art/reading localisation, we're doing it with a light touch (as that seems to be what US readers prefer, for authenticity) - preserving the original R>L reading order (staples on the right), and adding asterisked translations of sound effects into the margins, rather than redrawing or overlaying them over the art."

Sherlock Manga

Interesting, since the manga is based off the TV show the translation is going to be fairly straight forward. We've been told

"As it's a direct adaptation of the original English TV episodes, and the original English script. So in terms of translation, we're just restoring the dialogue to the English spoken on screen, using the final edit script."

They've also been using Kadokawa's own 'teach yourself English' edition of the tankubon as a guide. It seems that the pre-existing bilingual guide is proving a useful tool for translating the manga.

Sherlock will start in June 2016 released in single volume US format style, with each volume released monthly then on.

"We'll be publishing the story in six US-sized issues first, corresponding to the originally-serialized chapters (and with consequently fluctuating page-counts to match the different chapter lengths), then in a single tankubon volume when they've all been released."

Andrew tells us
"We have the rights to do all three stories/TV episodes currently published in Japan, so roughly 18 issues of content in US form."

Each issue will also come with bonus new variant covers from artists all over the world.
At the moment the current plan is to start the second serial The Blind Banker as soon as a Study in Pink has concluded.

Otaku News are pleased to hear that Titan are listening to manga fans and preserving the original format and giving readers the choice of US format releases or single tankubon style releases to cater for both comic and manga fans.

Source: Titan Comics
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