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MCM Loves Anime in London Special Screenings

Date: 2015 October 03 15:04

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It's October! Which means the MCM London Comic Con is almost upon us. It's set to run from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October 2015. The good folks at Anime Limited will be running a special standalone event, MCM Loves Anime, which has 4 special anime screenings at The Crystal. They'll be screening thee world premiere of Gundam The Origin II: Artesia's Sorrow, along with 3 other mystery anime films. Anime Limited are being tight lipped about what they'll be, but they are letting on they've got a mix of shows that consists of hits from Scotland Loves Anime - most importantly they are all English premieres!

The event is ticketed separately from the MCM London Comic con, as it's a side event, day pass ticket will be at early-bird pricing of £20 until 12th October. From 13th October tickets will be priced at £25. As always with events like this we suggest booking early to avoid disappoint.

Source: Anime Limited
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