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Monohon Ramen Pop Ups in London this October 2015

Date: 2015 September 24 17:15

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Ramen in on trend for foodies at the moment, which is why the good folks at Monohon are currently popping up over London. They've been running a couple of ramen pop ups in Hackney since August 2015, and are going for another London pop up on Thursday 1st October 2015. It'll be held at Japanese cafe Toconoco near Haggerston Overground.

They'll be open from 6.45pm with last orders 9.15pm. The event requires a ticket, which costs £10 per head, this includes the ramen and some edamame too. It's a bring your own bottle event. So if you fancy a drink you'll need to bring one.

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Press release as follows:


For immediate release
17 September 2015

Monohon Ramen Pop ups A new Japanese ramen bar 'Monohon', founded by head chef Ian Wheatley, opens its doors to a series of pop ups in Hackney.

Monohon Ramen

The pop ups are currently organized in the space of Toconoco, a Japanese café by Regent's Canal in Haggerston. Chef Ian will be serving up two varieties of tonkotsu (pork-bone) ramen: shio (salt) and shoyu (soya sauce). Unlike western soups, tonkotsu is cooked at a rolling boil for many hours to emulsify fat into the soup. The result is a whiter colour and a rich, creamy texture. To it he adds the Monohon signature tare (secret seasoning). The fine balance between the tare and the broth makes a classic tonkotsu ramen.

The in-house made noodles are then added to the boiling soup and served with toppings of chashu (braised pork slices), wood-ear mushrooms, bean sprouts and spring onions. Customers are encouraged to dig in as soon as it is served to retain the bite of the noodles, hence the slurp!

There are also additional toppings to purchase such as Ajitsuke Tamago (marinated soft boiled egg), beni-shoga (pickled ginger) or have the complete works of 4 extra toppings, zenbu-nose, as they say in Japanese. In addition to the ramen, a £10 ticket also includes a side dish of edamame and customers are welcomed to bring their own bottle.

The dates of the events are announced via Monohon's website and social media. The event is preticketed and tickets can be purchased via

Monohon Ramen

With autumn approaching, hearty dishes such as ramen become increasing popular. In future pop-ups, Monohon plans to offer Miso Ramen, Tsukemen (dipping ramen) and Abura Soba (a soup-less ramen).

About us

Monohon is an independent ramen bar in London, United Kingdom. Founded by head chef Ian Wheatley who had lived and travelled extensively in Japan, it focuses on ramen and noodle as the main offering. Emulating Japan's B-Q-Gurume scene (Japanese soul food), Monohon aims to serve classical Japanese ramen with authenticity, service and value. Starting from the product to the atmosphere, Monohon wants customers to feel as they have stepped onto the back streets of Japan. Currently operating as a pop up, Monohon hopes to find a suitable location soon to bring the concept to life.

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