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Anime Pioneer Osamu Tezuka Documentary on NHK World This Weekend

Date: 2015 August 27 11:50

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Anime fans keen to know about the origins of their hobby will be very interested to tune into NHK World this weekend to catch Artist in Motion: Anime Pioneer Osamu Tezuka. The documentary looks at the famed manga and anime creator who often considered the founding father of modern anime. It focuses on the triumphs and tribulations of an artist driven to new forms of expression.

It will be broadcast on NHK World on
Saturday 29th August
Sunday 30th August
5:10, 10:10 and 17:10
All times are in UTC (as NHK world is a global channel).

NHK World is free to access, and is broadcast on most satellite providers. It broadcasts it's content in English, either dubbed into English, or in Japanese with English subtitles. Details on how to watch it can be found here.

UK based readers can find NHK World on:
Sky Channel 507
Freesat Channel 209
Virgin Media (with certain packages) Channel 625

Australian based readers can catch it on Foxtel Channel 656

American readers can get it with different cable or satellite providers.

You can also watch a live stream on the NHK World Website or download their live streaming app for your tablet or smartphone.

Full Story

Details as follows:

Revered as a manga genius, Osamu Tezuka was also a pioneer in the world of TV animation. Astro Boy, Tezuka's story of a robot with a human heart, became the first Japanese anime to broadcast in the US, where it achieved a huge following. That success triggered the birth of an entertainment industry and nurtured a generation of anime creators. But Tezuka was never satisfied; inspired by the smooth movement and lush music of Disney animation, he longed to go beyond it. This program looks at the triumphs and tribulations of an artist driven to new forms of expression.

Source: NHK World
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