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Animeigo launches Kickstarter campaign for Otaku No Video blu ray

Date: 2015 June 02 13:14

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U.S. anime label starts new campaign for classic anime title after successful campaign of restored Bubblegum Crisis blu ray.

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Animeigo boss, Robert Woodhead, announced this afternoon the launch of a new kickstarter campaign to restore and release the GAINAX otaku classic Otaku No Video on blu ray with a range of subtitles and extras. Similar to 2013's campaign to restore and release cyberpunk classic Bubblegum Crisis which Animeigo worked very closely with fans to tailor the release, Otaku No Video will be much the same. With English subtitles and commentary tracks from GAINAX alumni such as Hiroyuki Yamaga, Shoji Murahama, Hiroki Sato plus Otaku No Video cast member Kikuko Inoue and curated by anime historian Toru Sano, the campaign also has stretch goals including custom artwork by Ken'ichi Sonoda, Klingon subtitles, doujinshi by Sonoda and more.

Otaku No Video

From Animeigo:

A true treat for Anime lovers, Otaku no Video is an outrageous mockumentary that combines the superb animation that made Gainax one of Japan's best-loved animation studios with truly strange live-action interviews with "real fans". Sit back and enjoy this thinly-disguised alternate history of Gainax, as a small band of Otaku set out to "Otakunize" the entire human race. Some would say that this "Graffiti of Otaku Generation" has been exaggerated for dramatic effect, but anyone in the industry knows it was actually toned-down to make it more believable!

The project is requesting $40,000 USD and after four hours has raised nearly $27,000. The blu ray discs themselves can be shipped anywhere in the world except Japan and are region free. The most basic disc starts $25 plus shipping and will include the two OVA parts plus all digital online materials.

Source: Animeigo (via Kickstarter)
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