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Viewster adds The Rolling Girls for UK/Ireland

Date: 2015 January 24 14:40

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Viewster Service begins simulcast of WIT Studio's new comedy show, The Rolling Girls, in the UK and Ireland.

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Viewster, the Swiss-based streaming web portal, continues to add new titles to its existing ongoing titles and back catalogue favourites. Added this week is the hotly anticipated comedy show, The Rolling Girls, from Attack on Titan's animation house, WIT Studio. The show which is set in a future Japan where everyone in charge has mysteriously vanished, leaving the country to be divided into areas based on older prefectures. Control and dominion over these areas are decided through diplomacy and if that fails, fighting between champions called Best and squads of team leaders and recruits called Rest. Directed by Kotomi Deai (Occult Academy, SAO, Silver Spoon) and written by Yasuyuki Muto (Gundam Unicorn, Afro Samurai, Sengoku Basara), the series is projected for 26 episodes.

The Rolling Girls

From Viewster's description:

"It's been ten years since the Great Tokyo War, and Japan has been reduced to a patchwork of of independent nations. The Rolling Girls; Nozomi, Yukina, Ai, and Chiaya, are members of the "Best", representing their prefectures in territorial disputes, fighting with an array of magical and sometimes absurd weapons (giant clothespins?!!). The "Rest"-quite literally everyone else-simply support them in their efforts to maintain peace. The girls travel cross country by motorcycle seeking to change themselves, and their world, while searching for special heart-shaped jewels. It's pure bubblegum fun ... but with an edge."

The Rolling Girls is being streamed in the UK and Ireland with burned in English subtitles.

You can also read our interview with WIT Studio where we talk to them about Attack on Titan.

Source: Viewster
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