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Transformers x Evangelion - Optimus Prime with Eva Unit 01 Colours

Date: 2014 June 09 14:53

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Fans of giant robots will be pleased to hear the news from the Big Bad Toy Store. Takara Tomy Toys the folks behind Transformers in Japan have teamed up with Gainax to produce an Evangelion Unit-01 coloured Optimus Prime. This forms part of the Transformers x Evangelion project.
Optimus' trailer comes with NERV branding too. Optimus himself sports the distinct purple and green colour scheme. While the Autobot Matrix of Leadership has been made to look like an S2 Engine.

Only 1,000 will be sold in Japan.

Fans of transformers merchandise will know that this is essentially a repaint of the MP-10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime figure. Big Bad Toy Store are taking pre-orders at $314.99 (USD).

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As part of the cross over project, they'll also be releasing an Evangelion Unit-01 with a red and blue Optimus Prime colour scheme, plus wheels on his legs.

Transformers x Evangelion Optimus Prime

The official Japanese website also has artwork of Starscream crossed with Sachiel.

Transformers x Evangelion Optimus Prime

Regular readers of Otaku News, will know that this isn't the first time we've covered crazy Evangelion merchandise.

Source: Takara Tomy
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