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Anime Limited launch Kickstarter campaign for Patema Inverted UK Definitive Edition

Date: 2014 April 28 14:44

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The good folks from Anime Limited have sent us details of their soon to run Kickstarter. This is to enable the company to produce a definitive edition of the movie for UK home release.

The film will be hitting select UK cinemas from Friday 2nd May 2014.

Producing an ultimate edition like this with so many awesome extras can be risky, as it can be hard to gauge the demand for this kind of release. Launching a Kickstarter is a sensible way to figure out the demand. Anime Limited are not new to Kickstarter. They recently ran a hugely successful campaign for Mai Mai Miracle, that smashed stretch goal after stretch goal.

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Press release as follows:

Patema Inverted

Anime Ltd. have today announced an amazing opportunity for fans to help deliver a breathtaking definitive edition of the critically acclaimed anime "Patema Inverted"!

Arriving in select UK cinemas from Friday 2nd May, "Patema Inverted" is one of the freshest sci-­fi anime in years and has been celebrated as "a wonder of detail and ingenuity" 4* (Total Film).

Now fans will have the opportunity to help bring the desired definitive edition to the UK!

The first ever Kickstarter campaign of its kind, this is a fantastic opportunity for fans to support an exciting new release through groundbreaking measures, and also receive the definitive edition, as well as the regular and collector's editions, before they hit retail and at exceptionally cheaper prices than anywhere else!


Extra features confirmed for the definitive edition so far include:

  • All the video and commentary extras from the Patema Inverted, Japanese Deluxe Edition translated.

  • The data from the Japanese booklet, a smaller version of which will go in the Collector's Edition (26 pages). The full A5 booklet will be produced!

  • The right to use the same replica letter from Lagos that comes with the Japanese Deluxe Edition.

  • The right to translate, print and include the full Official Design Works for Patema Inverted.

  • A larger form packaging to hold the Official Design Works, the letter and the DVD/BD combination pack.

Extra features available if targets are reached include:

  • Exclusive illustrations for the Definitive Edition from the original character & background designers.

  • The soundtrack as released in the Japanese Collector's Edition.


The Kickstarter will go live on Friday 2nd May and all details, including fan reward schemes, will be found here:

Source: Patema Inverted Kickstarter
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