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1952-2012 : Stories of Modern Manga Kickstarter Campaign

Date: 2014 April 14 15:34

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The good people from Project 6060 have sent us news of their Kickstarter Campaign for Stories of Modern Manga (1952-2012). The title of the book is self explanatory, with each double page spread tackling a year in the history of manga.

They aim to make the book as accessible as possible, it sounds like a great coffee table book, something you can just pick up and dip into.

The campaign aims to to raise $18K (USD) to publish the book. At the time of writing they've currently raised $3,693. However it's still early days and we know it's the last few hours that really count for a Kickstarter campaign.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

A pair of passionate French journalists, with a specialization in manga and comics, wish to create an innovative book which delves into the richhistory of Japanese comics.
A book for rookies AND for diehard manga fans!

will review the 60 years following Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy.
It will be a 60 double page spread, each double page representative of the year: with the left page dedicated to the most important events in Japan and manga industry, and the right page focused on a mangaka who achieved fame through a milestone manga published that year. With multi-reading options offered by the double page layout, STORIES OF MODERN MANGA will be a book for both manga devotees and neophytes alike. It will also feature exclusive documents obtained during the trip to Japan, including several photos of studio visits and interviews.

The team behind the book
Having worked in the manga field for over a decade, Matthieu Pinon and Laurent Lefebvre have always dreamt of an accessible book about manga history, because the likes of such a book do not currently exist in a western language.

Assisting with the book's writing process is: Olivia Gilmore, Image Archivist at the NYC Guggenheim. Assisting with the book's drawings is: French illustrator Nico Hitori De, published in the USA (Spell Checkers, Oni Press). With this team, Matthieu Pinon and Laurent Lefebvre are working to reach a wider community of manga readers through the launching of a Kickstarter project.

About the Kickstarter campain
Starting Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 and for the remaining 30 days, the campaign aims to reach the $18k the team will need to print and ship approximately 1,000 copies of this book in full color. The main purpose of this project is to make the manga culture affordable: in addition to discounts for two books packs, Matthieu's trip will be recorded and commented on a private section of their website with Real time access for any backer who contributes $5.00 or more.

The project is supported and praised by several veterans of the industry !

Frederik L. Schodt, award winning writer, author of Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics
"The "60 Years of Manga" project looks very interesting and promising. I like the idea of a year by year approach and also the layout."

Cedric Littardi, founder of the anime movement in France:
"In the western world, the universe of manga still seems oftentimes closed, like it is the property by a ghetto of fans who know extremely well some portions of it without seeing any big picture. This perfect research project will provide manga readers with a perspective over the history of what they are reading, as it will also allow newcomers to discover the universe in a fun, trivia-based but also very meaningful way. I have known Matthieu and Laurent for years and their strong experience make them trustworthy people to pursue this great idea of theirs."

Conceived for anyone in the world who wants to discover and understand thetremendous Japanese comics universe, the book STORIES OF MODERN MANGA is just awaiting your help to bring it into existence.

Source: 1952-2012 : Stories of Modern Manga Kickstarter Campaign
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