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First Free Weekend for REZtron's Retro Sega Gaming Bar Night

Date: 2014 April 05 10:37

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In case you're too busy to attend London's various gaming bars weekday events, the folks at Reztron are holding their first weekend one. Held at the award-winning cocktail bar Aquum in the increasingly trendy Clapham area.

If you grew up on the Dreamcast, Megadrive or Master Systems and want to hang out to reminisce with your mates (or mates-to-be), this event is for you! What's more, this time it's free entry.

There will be a Sonic the Hedgehog 'speed run' competition going on, with prizes to be won.

Cosplayers are also encouraged to come along!

Further details on the games available after the jump...

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Press release as follows:

Retrotainment hits SW4

LONDON, ENGLAND (March 18, 2014) REZtron Ltd., today announced it will be launching its weekend 'retrotainment' in collaboration with Clapham's award-winning Aquum bar.


Since entering UK's emerging gaming bar scene back in August 2013 REZtron has been entertaining the mid week après work crowd with their popular retrogaming themed parties in London's retro chic district of Shoreditch at the award winning Cocktail bar, The Hoxton Pony.

Now REZtron will trial out to cater for its weekend market focusing on London's trendy SW4 district.REZtron’s first weekend retrotainment will take place from 4pm til 11pm on Sunday May the 11th.

The bar will be filled with nothing but SEGA consoles spanning four generations, including Master System, Mega Drive, Saturn and the Dreamcast. The legendary games includes Golden Axe, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II,R-Type, Streets of Rage 2,Alien Storm, Sonic 2, Shadow Dancer, 4- player Micro Machines 2,Virtua Cop, SEGA Rally, House of the Dead 2,Virtua Fighter 2,Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and many more...and as always, displayed on sexy CRT TVs and a Projector screen.

There will also be a Sonic the Hedgehog 'speed run' competition running on the Mega Drive during the first half of the evening with retrogaming prizes to give away.


To keep things true to REZtron’s retrotainment spirit there will be some 80s/90s electronic music from their resident DJ and not forgetting Karaoke on the SEGA MEGA-CD Karaoke system.

The FREE event will take place on Sunday, May 11th 4pm till 11pm.Tickets can be booked through Eventbrite. Attendees are encouraged to dress up in gaming Cosplay.

For more information on REZtron’s events or for corporate bookings please visit or email

For up to date news on our retro geekery please follow us on Twitter @theREZtron and also on

About REZtron

Established in June 2013, REZtron is a pop-up retrotainment bar inspired by the fusion of 80's chic, Japanese Otaku culture and retro games.

About Aquum
Aquum is an award-winning cocktail bar, with expert in-house mixologists and specialist bar managers heading up a bar stocked and ready to recreate the classics, or craft you one of our beautifully and exclusively made exotic cocktails. Offering you wild and wonderful events on a weekly basis, with burlesque and fire acts galore, Aquum is always worth a visit. Join us for 2-4-1 on cocktails six days a week, with DJ’s taking to the decks Wednesday through to Sunday.

Source: REZtron
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