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A look at the local Australian anime section

Date: 2014 March 12 17:04

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We've highlighted before to our UK readers how they're connected to the Australian anime market. So today we'd thought we should share you with you an example of how established the market is down under.

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Below is a photo of the anime section at national electronics and media retailer JB Hi-Fi.

JB Hi-Fi anime section

Yes, all those titles are indeed anime. To put it in perspective, this photo was taken in a small local suburb in Queensland, it's not a major store in a city. It's your small local anime section! Could you imagine your local HMV being that well stocked? The whole top row is anime blu-rays. With the rest being DVDs. It's not uncommon for anime fans to work at the retailer either, so you'll be certain that there is someone knowledgeable in the shop.

Source: Otaku News
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