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Cosplayers Unite - A Kickstarter Project

Date: 2013 August 25 07:01

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Cosplay photography circle SCG have launched a gutsy project Cosplayers Unite on crowd funding web platform Kickstarter. The project seeks to immortalise some of the world’s finest female cosplayers in a series of portraits to provide a unique "multi-media cosplay experience" for backers.

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What does the experience include? For starters SCG’s proposal is to coordinate photo shoots featuring iconic cosplay girls from America, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Australia and the UK. These are to be featured in an 18 month calendar, which they promise will be unique (in more ways than one no doubt).

How much is their target? £30,000.

At first glance it’s an audacious sum to attempt to raise for creating a calendar, albeit a potentially gorgeous one. However, SCG have further ambitions in mind and this is what makes the project more than merely enticing.

Cosplayers Unite

SCG (which stands for Sexy Cosplay Girls) are a talented group who have helped raise the standard of cosplay photography. They work with the cosplayers themselves to produce portraits that really bring the characters and costumes to life. It’s all about location, lighting and bringing out the brilliance of the spectacular subculture of cosplay.

Even in this project, SCG has a purpose way beyond raking in the pounds and this is to celebrate and share the remarkable creativity and skill of cosplayers with the world. They hope to strengthen the links of the international cosplay community and with this in mind, they want to use the content created for the project as a Launchpad for a new online magazine that will be completely free for readers worldwide.

The target is a lofty one but you have to admire the passion and presence of the team behind the project.

As a one-time cosplayer and an ardent follower of the exceptional skill and bravery of cosplay girls and guys, it is a project that has my support every step of the way.

To find out more and see the cosplay girls involved visit the project page on Kickstarter.

SCG official site

Source: Cosplayers Unite Kickstarter Page
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