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PBS Idea Channel - Does it Matter What Evangelion's Creator Says?

Date: 2013 August 06 15:17

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The good folks from the PBS Idea Channel have brought to our attention a rapid fire video, asking the question Does it Matter What Evangelion's Creator Says?

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Press release as follows:

In this episode of PBS Idea Channel we dive into the differences between an audience's interpretation and an artists' vision. Released in 1995 to critical acclaim, Evangelion became one of the most massively popular anime series ever created. It is widely considered a very dark, complex story dealing with emotional trauma and the psychology of responsibility. But series Author Hideaki Anno claims that all the deep meaning and insight...just isn't there. Is the author right, or is the audience right? Watch the episode to find out:

Our past episodes have inspired some amazing viewer conversation, and we think your readers are the kind of people who will really enjoy this latest topic.

Source: PBS Idea Channel
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