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Another Look At The Evangelion Merchandise Selection

Date: 2013 May 12 15:51

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A while ago, we posted an article about the crazy world of Neon Genesis Evangelion Merchandise. It proved to be very popular with our readers. Checking now, we find that they still do make crazy merchandise. There's even a physical Evangelion store you can to in Harajuku in Tokyo-01 (in Eva speak).

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Again for this article we've avoided the more regular and every day merchandise you'd expect a big franchise to have. Mobile phone cases, wallets, pencil boards are all pretty standard for any anime show, but with Eva, if you can make it and put the logo on it, you bet they already have!

We felt it's time to revisit the franchise and again explore the items that are available. For each item we list the price in Japanese Yen (JPY), and the approximate price in US Dollars (USD) and British Pounds (GBP).

Angel Mug

840 JPY / 8.30 USD / 5.40 GBP

Angel Mug

These mugs are offered in various different colours featuring different Angels from the franchise in a hand drawn style. Now you too can drink your favourite hot beverage and while showing other people around you that you really like Evangelion.


For the same price you can also get a coloured NERV Mug, and pretend you're a NERV Employee.

Camera Neck Strap

5,985 JPY / 58.90 USD / 38.35 GBP


We've already covered the new Evangelion Pentax Cameras, so it makes sense to get something to go with it. They've teamed up with camera strap firm Lokkai to make a NERV branded camera strap. These straps are high quality and made in Japan. They're perfect if you want to photograph cosplayers too. Available in red with NERV written on, purple with Unit-01 or white with Unit-01.

Evangelion Watch

24,990 JPY / 246 USD / 160 GBP

Eva Watch

It looks like an Eva! You can wear it on your wrist. What more do you want?! Well they've made the type face of this limited edition watch look like the NERV Computer read outs. This watch is available in several different colours to match your favourite Eva unit.

Men's Shirts

4,095 JPY / 40 USD / 26 GBP

Eva Unit 01 Shirt

If you're an Eva fan you should share your love of the series in the office. These shirts are made in conjunction with Haruyama are more subtle than most of the Eva merchandise out there. If you didn't know about Evangelion you wouldn't immediately pick up on the designs being linked to an anime series. We get the feel that this is suitable for the more discrete Eva otaku. Each shirt features a colour pattern that matches design queues from Evangelion, such as green and purple for Unit 01, or red and yellow for Unit 02 and so on.

Eva Cufflinks
Eva Cufflinks

They also sell other men's accessories such as cuff links that also retail for 4,095 JPY.

Military NERV Gunpatch Command Sweater

23,940 JPY / 235 USD / 153 GBP

NERV Sweater

For those who love the black military look, you too can wear a NERV military style sweater. Apparently this is actual military grade 100% wool sweater and is still warn by NATO troops (without the NERV branding we assume).

Eva Racing Work Wear

18,000 JPY / 177 USD / 115 GBP

EVA Race Wear

When you need to wear orange overalls you should ideally wear Eva Racing clothes. The team crew of the Super GT wear overalls just like this. Yes, this is actually something you can buy. Why you would want to buy it and what you'd do with it, we can't really answer.

Rumi Rock x Eva

29,400 JPY / 290 USD / 188 GBP

Rumi Rock Yukata

If you're going to buy a yukata for the summer, it should be one related to Eva! Using the design motifs from the movie Rumi Rock have made this limited edition yukata.

Rei Suitcase

26,040 JPY / 256 USD / 166 GBP

Rei Suit Case

The previous article covered Eva luggage, featuring bright Unit-01 colours, this time they've produced a more subtle design featuring Rei's hair against a screen tone silhouette. International travellers can continue to show their love of everything Evangelion. Like the other case it also has the added benefit that no one else will probably have it, so it'll be dead easy to find on the luggage carousel. Unless of course you're travelling to an anime convention, in which case everyone will have the same luggage as you!

Asuka Plugsuit Dress

2,935 JPY / 48 USD / 31 GBP

Asuka Dress

The Eva Store does sell cosplay gear, but this is more of a cross over dress. For those out there who want to be like Asuka you can wear a dress just like her plug suit.

Eva Plugsuit Parker

7,245 JPY / 71 USD / 46 GBP

Plug Suit Coat

For those who like wearing coats with hoods, cat ears and Evangelion colours, now you can. Available in all your favourite Eva Colour schemes.

AT Field Umbrella

980 JPY / 9.65 USD / 6.28 GPB

AT Field Umbrella

When we first heard of this, the Otaku News crew got exited and we must admit this is one bit of Evangelion merchandise we actually want to get our hands on now (they've suckered us in). It's a plastic umbrella that looks like an AT Field! Cheap plastic umbrellas without any branding are commonly sold all over Japan and are popular with those people caught in the rain who have lost or forgotten their umbrellas. This looks like it's a similar build quality.

Hello Kitty x Eva Nail Clippers

630 JPY / 6.20 USD / 4 GPB

Eva x Hello Kitty Nail Clippers

We wish we were making this up, but again it's a real product. For those of you who like your personal grooming gear to be Evangelion and Hello Kitty branded to meet the demand they've made nail clippers featuring Hello Kitty dressed as Rei or Asuka.

Evangelion Sat Nav

39,800 JPY / 392 USD / 255 GBP

NERV Sat-Nav

When you're driving around Japan not only do you want to be certain you're going in the right direction, you want the characters of the show to guide you there. Which is why this Car Sat Nav has been created. It uses the voices of Shinji, Rei, Asuka and other characters to guide you to your destination. Just so you can drive and buy more Evangelion Merchandise the Evangelion Store is pre programmed in there too!

NERV Branded Air Value Caps

2,100 JPY / 21 USD / 13.50 GBP

KYO-IE NERV Branded Air Valve Caps

We've covered the Evangelion Mountain bikes before, but what about your car? The air valve caps on your car has got to be NERV branded too right? Well fear not they've made NERV Branded air valve caps. In a pack of 4 of course.

Schick Hydro 5 Razor with Evangelion Figure Stand

1,418 JPY / 14 USD / 9 GBP

Eva x Schick

It seems that the merchandise department will team up with anyone to produce a good product tie in. Schick Razors seems like a natural fit for everything Evangelion based. Well that's what the merchandise people probably think. To convince us that this is the perfect fit we are treated to a picture of Gendo Ikari shaving and smiling!

Eva Razor Stand

There is a whole range of these razor blade holders featuring different characters and Eva's from the series.


They still do make crazy Evangelion Merchandise. This is just a limited selection of what's available, we know other wonderful things can be found at the Eva Store!

Source: Otaku News
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