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Letraset Announces the Manga Alley Art Competition for London Comic Con May 2013

Date: 2013 April 22 15:24

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The good folks from Letraset have sent us details of their Manga Alley Art Competition which is set to run at the MCM London Comic Con in May 2013. The theme for this art competition is Onwards and Upwards.

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Press release as follows:

Letraset Announces the Manga Alley Art Competition

We're excited to announce the theme for the regular art contest hosted in the Manga Alley area of the expo; the theme for May's Manga Alley Art competition is 'Onwards & Upwards'. As usual there will be two age categories; Under 16 years and Over 16 years. Each category will be split into two sections, pre-made and made on the day. We'll also be giving out the Young Star award to our favourite entry by a person under 11 years old.

'Onwards & Upwards' Spaceships floating across the universe, flying cars, barnacle encrusted boats, time travelling steam trains, packing a suitcase and arguing in the back of the family car, the list is endless and are all acceptable in this month's competition.

Travel is something we encounter on a daily basis, and even dream about, whether it's dreaming of an exotic escape or fantasizing about a more enjoyable way to travel. Taking a journey is a regular experience and a growing necessity as our cities expand and we look up to the sky; your picture could be an invention to make travel fun, a glimpse into a future cityscape, the experience of preparing for a trip, a few friends on an excellent adventure... We want you to think about travel in all its aspects and submit your illustrations to us which use it as a theme. The theme is open to interpretation and the more imaginative your designs the better!

Regrettably, artwork cannot be returned – if you would like your artwork to be posted back to you please ensure you have attached an SAE with the correct postage with your entry. Postage may be purchased from the Letraset stand, subject to availability and whilst stocks last.

All entry forms will be available from the Letraset stand.

For more information click here

Source: Letraset
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