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Aniplex USA announce Gurren Lagann DVD and Blu ray sets

Date: 2013 March 30 22:08

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Aniplex USA announces blu ray and DVD re-release of 2007 GAINAX show, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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Aniplex USA Gurren Lagann DVD and Blu ray sets

Aniplex USA has announced they will re-release the popular GAINAX TV show Gurren Lagann in June of 2013 in DVD and Blu Ray box sets. These include the TV series, the movies (Childhood's End & The Lights in the Sky Are Stars), OVA's and CD soundtracks plus extras such as interviews and commentaries. Both sets will have the Bang Zoom produced English dub for the TV series which was last used by Bandai Entertainment for their DVD release. The movies and OVA's will be Japanese only with English subtitles.

The DVD sets are currently ready to ship and the blu ray sets are going into final production now. The DVD sets will include CD soundtracks and bonus material such as interviews while the blu ray's will include the interviews plus the drama CD's produced by GAINAX. No word yet if the drama CD will include English scripts. The DVD has a RRP of $139.98 while the blu ray sets will sell for $549.98.

The DVD and blu ray sets will available in the US and Canada only so UK/ROI customers are advised to seek alternative import options.

Pictured is the DVD set. The blu ray set will have a similar configuration.

Information for the DVD set can be found here.

Information for the blu ray set can be found here.

Pre-orders for the Blu-ray set start on 1st April.

Source: Aniplex Official Gurren Lagann page
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