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Kawaii International on NHK World this weekend

Date: 2013 February 21 14:59

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Fans of everything kawaii will want to tune into NHK World this weekend to catch the latest broadcast of Kawaii International.

Episode #09 Kawaii Summit will feature a visit to London's Hyper Japan Festival (filmed in 2012) and feature some of the Kawaii at the culture festival.

It'll be broadcast on NHK World on:

Friday 22nd, February 2013 - 23:10
Saturday 23rd February 2013 - 3:10/ 7:10/ 11:10/ 15:10/ 19:10

Saturday 23rd February 2013 - 8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10
Saturday 24th February 2013 - 0:10/4:10

NHK World broadcasts content in English and is free to access. It's available in many countries.

In the UK if you have Sky you can access NHK World on Channel 507. If you've got FreeSat you can access it on channel 209.

Failing that, you can also watch the show on-line on the NHK Website, JIB TV, or on the NHK World App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android Devices.

Source: NHK World
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