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GEN Manga Issue 16 out now

Date: 2012 November 27 13:04

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The good folks from GEN Manga have just release their latest Issue GEN 16.

This issue continues the instalments of Psycho, Android Angels, Stones of Power, Anomal and Alive.

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Details as follows:

Gen Issue 16

One is Enough: NEWS FLASH!

For our readers who are excited to see the much anticipated ending of the steamy BL story One is Enough, the final chapter is scheduled for inclusion in the upcoming standalone One is Enough "tankobon" novel.

One is Enough in "tankobon" novel format (including the final chapter) is scheduled for release in early 2013. The digital edition of the "tankobon" novel will be free for all GEN Manga subscribers!

One is Enough: Matsumoto-kun is just about to turn sixteen when he accidentally bumps into and injures his mysterious high school senpai, Mizushima-kun. Now, he is bound to make it up to him, but the lines aren’t clear on just how far this new angst filled steamy relationship will go.

Source: GEN Manga
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