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GEN Manga Issue 14 out now

Date: 2012 August 21 16:02

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The good folks from GEN Manga have just release their latest Issue GEN 14.

This issue continues the instalments of Psycho, Android Angels, One is Enough, Stones of Power, Anomal and Alive.

GEN will be giving away a short preview version of GEN 14 for free this month.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

GEN Manga 14

We are excited to announce the official release of GEN 14. This issue delivers continuing installments of PSYCHO, ANDROID ANGELS, ONE IS ENOUGH, STONES OF POWER, ANOMAL, and ALIVE.

PSYCHO (newly introduced in GEN13) takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, after nuclear war has destroyed much of the world, Japan has once again closed its borders to the outside world. Again living in isolation, the Japanese people have begun to develop strange mutations. These mutations became commonly known as moryo, a name once given to the grotesque goblins of ancient Japan. These moryo at first were harmless, but they became worse, eventually developing into man-eating beasts and other monstrous forms. Hunters known as exterminators roam the land ridding humanity of these foul mutants. This is the story of one of these killers, a man known only as Psycho.



Fans of our print issues will be excited to hear that GEN Manga's 448-page WOLF is hitting the bookstores this month. MTV GEEK says "It's a good shonen manga with a couple of twists and a lot of heart."

WOLF tells the story of Naoto...a young boxer who heads for the city to find the father who abandoned him as a child. He is determined to get vengeance. But he finds out it won’t be that easy. Dad is a champion boxer. Naoto must train to face his own father for the Japan featherweight title.




Source: GEN Manga
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