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UK Cosplayers at the World Cosplay Summit Championship 2012

Date: 2012 August 02 16:39

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We've just been sent some interesting details from the World Cosplay Summit UK Team, who are currently in Japan representing the country for the finals! So cheer them on this Saturday 4th August 2012. You can keep up with their adventures on their blog. They won the UK finals and in turn flights to Japan, and the chance to represent the UK at lots of fun events such as parties and parades along with the World Cosplay Summit Championship. The WCS is broadcast live on TV to an audience of 10 million.

You too can win the chance to represent the UK in the 2013 World Cosplay Summit. To do so, check out Hyper Japan's website.

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Press release as follows:

World Cosplay Summit - Japan 2012

While London enjoyed last week's Olympic opening ceremony, 27th July saw the start of a very different international competition in Japan - the World Cosplay Summit! Taking place annually in Nagoya, Japan and now celebrating its 10th anniversary -WCS is the world's most prestigious cosplay event and this year the UK joins them for the first time!

Alexandra Rutter and Laura Sindall were chosen as the UK's first WCS representatives when they entered the preliminary round at HYPER JAPAN - the UK's largest J-culture event. Their impressive costumes and performance inspired by the anime Vampire Hunter D won them a trip to Japan as well as the chance to represent their country at the world's most prestigious cosplay gathering and compete for the title of World Cosplay Summit Champion.

This week, they travelled to Japan to join cosplayers from 19 other countries and participate in events including parades, parties, a trip to visit government officials in Tokyo and of course the World Cosplay Summit Championship - broadcast live on TV to an audience of 10 million.

Team UK are keeping a blog of their adventures in Japan - so please visit for a full report of their trip.

Cosplayers who are interested to take part in WCS 2013 should check out HYPER JAPAN's website for more details. Full rules and entry forms can be found online at

The next World Cosplay Summit UK preliminary will take place at HYPER JAPAN Christmas 2012, taking place at Earl's Court, London on November 23rd-25th.

Source: Cosplay Odyssey: Japan 2012
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