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Date: 2012 March 09 16:20

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The good people from have just gone international. To celebrate the on-line manga service have launched a sign up promotion for new members.

From the Thursday 8th March 2012 to Wednesday 14th March 2012 if you sign up for a paid subscription you'll receive 5 books worth of bonus points with a $25 monthly subscription and 2 books worth of points a $10 subscription.

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Press release as follows:

News Release

March 8th, 2012
JManga Co., Ltd.

The Official Source for Japanese Comics celebrates going global with a second sign-up promotion!

Get up to 5 books worth of free bonus points for signing-up!!

New to JManga?! Check out all of our previews for free!!

Thanks to the continued support of manga fans worldwide,, will be holding a second sign-up promotion from March 8th to 14th in celebration of JManga's global opening!

Since's opened its doors to manga fans worldwide on February 28th (PST), the site has been accessed from countries around the globe.

Normally, unregistered guest users can only preview 6 titles on, but during this special promotion 199 titles will be available for free previewing to anyone who visits the site. Don't miss this chance to check out loads of manga, many of which have never been released in English before, for free!!

Sign up for a paid subscription during the promotion and receive 5 books worth of free bonus points with a $25 monthly subscription and 2 books worth of points with a $10 subscription!! continuously strives to offer the widest selection of legal online manga available, from major to niche, shonen to shojo and yuri,to yaoi/BL!

Summary: JManga x (The World) Campaign PART 2

March 8th through 14th (PST)

New to JManga?! Preview all 199 titles for free!!


$10 Plan: Get 2 books worth of free bonus points!
$25 Plan: Get 5 books worth of free bonus points!

*Promotion applies to first-time sign-ups only.
*This promotion times are based on US Pacific Standard Time.
*The availability of titles may differ from country to country.

About the JManga Portal:

  • An official and legal manga portal website in which a concentration of Japanese manga publishers can release content in a manner that benefits readers, publishers, and creators alike.

  • A place for the release manga titles from the plethora of genres spawned by Japanese manga culture.

  • A one stop spot to read such diverse titles as; Crayon Shinchan, Poor Poor Lips, Devil King, Girlfriends, Cigarette Kisses, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, Kodoku no Gourmet, Adekan, Love My Life, No Longer Human, Kagome-Kagome, Nogi, Young-kun, Hyakusho Kizoku, Love Beyond Time, In the Arms of the Sheikh, Manga Science, and many more.

  • A medium to provide services and content that only an official and legal site can, such as, manga artist interviews and manga related feature articles.

  • A gathering point for manga fans worldwide to communicate their activities, thoughts and tastes via social networking features to be integrated.

About JManga Co., Ltd
JManga Co., Ltd. was established on December 22nd 2010 with the support of the Digital Comic Association and its comprising 39 prominent Japanese publishers. JManga Co., Ltd. designs and operates the JManga portal with the goal of sharing Japan's manga culture to as many people as possible worldwide utilizing an official platform that eases the minds of readers and publishers alike. The primary areas of business for JManga Co., Ltd. are manga promotion and digital manga retail, with the goal of contributing, alongside publishers worldwide, to the progression of the manga market as a whole.

About The Digital Comic Association of Japan:
The Digital Comic Association was formed to ensure the robust development of the digital comic industry while paving the way for a new generation of publishing culture. The Association promotes the digitalization of manga and manga culture, as a cultural treasure of Japan, aiming to propel the diffusion of digital comics, alongside manga artists, beginning with Japan and on throughout the world.

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