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Date: 2012 March 01 16:32

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Readers outside the US who have been longing to legally get their hands on some digital manga will be extremely pleased to hear that have extended their access world wide.

The site allows you to get manga using a points based system. If you sign up by Sunday 4th March 2012, you'll get double the amount of points as a welcome. The subscription costs either $10 or $25 a month. They also have a free subscription.

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Press release as follows:

February 28th, 2012
JManga Co., Ltd. Extends Access Worldwide!, the first official and legal manga portal website created and operated by JManga Co., Ltd. (*1) in cooperation with Japan’s Digital Comic Association (*2), is proud to announce its doors have officially been opened to manga fans worldwide!, previously only available in America and Canada starting in August 2011, can now be accessed internationally. Now manga fans from all over the world can enjoy manga on!!

In celebration of this momentous occasion in manga history, and in thanks to the many fans worldwide who voiced their desire to have access to JManga, will be holding a special sign-up promotion. Sign-up for a paid subscription by March 4th (PST) and receive up to twice the regular amount of bonus points! For more information, visit

The JManga Portal is... continuously strives to unite manga readers worldwide more dynamically than ever before.

About JManga Co., Ltd.
JManga Co., Ltd. was established on December 22nd 2010 with the support of the Digital Comic Association and its comprising 39 prominent Japanese publishers. JManga Co., Ltd. designs and operates the JManga portal with the goal of sharing Japan’s manga culture to as many people as possible worldwide utilizing an official platform that eases the minds of readers and publishers alike. The primary areas of business for JManga Co., Ltd. are manga promotion and digital manga retail, with the goal of contributing, alongside publishers worldwide, to the progression of the manga market as a whole.

About The Digital Comic Association
The Digital Comic Association was formed to ensure the robust development of the digital comic industry while paving the way for a new generation of publishing culture. The Association promotes the digitalization of manga and manga culture, as a cultural treasure of Japan, aiming to propel the diffusion of digital comics, alongside manga artists, beginning with Japan and on throughout the world.

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