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From Japan to Hull: manga, anime and cosplay to feature at Platform Expos 2012

Date: 2012 February 18 15:13

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UK based readers who can get to the University of Hull on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th March 2012 will want to head over to Platform 2012 East Yorkshire's huge gaming and entertainment expo.

They've got an an interesting line up of experts from the gaming industry plus a few familiar faces from anime and manga fandom too.

They'll be some retro gaming fun, a masquerade on the cosplay stage and plenty of panels from expert speakers.

Award winning cosplayer Natasha Lee Tyler (Missy Tetra) will be there to answer all those cosplay questions at talks and panels. Professional comic artist Sonia Leong will be there to explain all about manga.

They'll be a lot to see and do at this event, so it's certainly worth going!

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Press release as follows:

From Japan to Hull: manga, anime and cosplay to feature at Platform Expos

Japanese culture and the fantastical world of cosplay are coming to Platform 2012, East Yorkshire's huge gaming and entertainment expo.

The event at the University of Hull on March 17 and 18, has secured some 'star' experts in the art of Japanese culture and will also host the biggest gathering of cosplayers ever seen in the region, led by the award winning, Natasha Lee Tyler (AKA Missy Tetra), who lives in the city.

The Platform 2012 Japanese culture and cosplay programme will culminate in a masquerade on the cosplay stage, attracting participants on the convention circuit from all over the UK.

Sonia Leong will lead two workshops. Leong is a professional comic artist and illustrator who specialises in manga. She has a worldwide fan base and is an avid gamer. She will be leading two manga workshops at Platform 2012.

Co presenting the cosplay parade is, Lawrence 'MasakoX' Simpson, a member of TeamFourStar, the international group behind the anime, Dragonball Z Abridged. MasakoX, also a successful voice actor, will impart his secrets at workshops and a Q & A session, including the art of abridging, taking the initial steps to online voice acting, to microphone and other techniques. He will also host a debate covering the most hotly discussed topics in the world of anime.

Akemi Solloway Tanaka, the daughter of an old samurai family will bring a slice of real Japanese life to the city. Tanaka will showcase the culture of traditional and modern day Japan, including the mysterious world of the samurai, the iconic Japanese kimono and how to wear it, the art of the tea ceremony and a short course on the Japanese language. She is attending Platform on behalf of

Akemi is responsible for organising the Japanese Art Festival and Bunkasai events in London, and is founder of AJAMCA, the Anglo-Japanese Anime and Manga Cultural Association. She has described her own use of western clothing in her free time as a form of reverse Cosplay, as she spends most of her life dressed in kimonos.

Natasha Lee Tyler, said that she hoped Platform 2012 would attract both new and established manga and anime fans and cosplayers. "Whether you are simply curious about the subculture and want to witness the spectacle, or if you need advice and inspiration and want to take part in the masquerade, we will give a great warm welcome."

Missy Tetra will take seminars covering:
Cosplay for beginners: covering the history and developments of the cosplay convention subculture
Cosplay Construction Camp: to train new cosplay recruits, including fabrication of costumes, from cotton to plastic, foam to framework
Cosplay Q & A: an open forum to discuss cosplay
Masterclass: for all cosplay masquerade entrants

Platform 2012 is aiming to attract up to 10,000 visitors with its unique combination of education, business and fun. Confirmed exhibitors and supporters include international games company, Ubisoft, high street retailers Game and Game Station, and Microsoft.

For exhibitor, sponsor and ticket information:


Source: Platform 2012
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