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Date: 2012 January 07 13:08

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Kazé UK representative confirms via Twitter that the UK based division of Kazé will release Black Lagoon on Blu ray in May of 2012.

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Black Lagoon

Andrew Partridge, the marketing representative of Kazé UK has confirmed via their official Twitter that the company is planning to release the TV series Black Lagoon on blu ray. After fielding a question via Twitter, the Manga UK marketing representative, Jerome Mazandarani, directed the question about the status of Black Lagoon to KazéUK. Andrew then confirmed that not only would both seasons be released on Blu ray but that the OVA follow up, Roberta's Blood Trail, would follow this year on Blu ray.

The series which had originally been released in the United States on DVD by Geneon Entertainment and later by FUNImation was last released in the UK/Ireland on DVD by MVM Entertainment.

No word yet on special features or contents but we will keep you posted as the details come in.

Source: Twitter via Uk-Anime.Net
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