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Robotech: The Complete Series on DVD UK Release Details

Date: 2011 September 19 16:40

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Nostalgic mecha fans in the UK will be pleased to hear that the Robotech the complete series is set for release on DVD on Monday 14th November 2011.

The 18 disc boxset features all 85 episodes of the series, plus over 10 hours of bonus material including a brand new documentary on creator Carl Macek.

For many the show was an introduction into anime and mecha shows. Lots of anime fans look back to Robotech as the series that helped them discover anime. Robotech itself is interesting, as it started life as three separate shows that were edited together for the American market.

The DVD's RRP is £69.99, we've found it for a pre-order price of £51.70 on

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Press release as follows:

Robotech: The Complete Series DVD Boxset

Robotech: The Complete Series

ROBOTECH: THE COMPLETE SERIES is coming to your living room this November in a shiny new 18 disc box set jam-packed with extras. 85 Episodes in a collector's set featuring hoards of previously unseen bonus material...

An action packed sci-fi anime epic, Robotech needs no introduction. One of the first Anime imports and widely considered a landmark in the history of Anime, it paved the way for Blockbuster phenomenon such as Pokemon, Dragon Ball-Z and Avatar-The Last Airbender. Often referred to as a 'A Space Opera', Go Entertain is proud to be bringing Robotech back to its fans.

  • Robotech: The Complete Series features all 85 episodes of this Anime classic in one collector's edition box set.

  • Over 10 hours of bonus material including a brand new documentary on creator Carl Macek.

  • Special features including deleted scenes, comic book gallery and alternate/extended endings.

"EVERYONE should want this in their collection!"
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18 Disc Box Set - 14 November 2011 - RRP: £69.99

Source: Otaku News
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