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JETRO Japanese Multimedia Seminar @ HYPER JAPAN 2011

Date: 2011 August 08 16:57

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The good folks from Hyper Japan have sent us details of the JETRO Japanese Multimedia Seminar held at this years Hyper Japan on Friday 22nd July 2011.

JETRO is the Japan External Trade Organization, who would like to help people build a business with Japanese multimedia content.

We've been sent a link to videos of the seminar on YouTube.

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Details as follows:

Toys: Mr Peter Stone / KONAMI

Animation: Mr Andrew Partridge/ Kaze (Viz Media Europe)

Video games: Mr Yen Hau / Rising Star Games

Facilitator: Mr Andrew Osmond / Anime News Network

JETRO Japanese Multimedia Seminar @ HYPER JAPAN 2011:

Introduction (1 of 9)
Mr. P. Stone, Konami (2 of 9)
Mr. J. Arima, JETRO London (3 of 9)
Mr. A. Partridge, Kaze (Viz Media) (4 of 9)
Mr. Y. Hau, Rising Star Games (5 of 9)
Q&A 1 (6 of 9)
Q&A 2 (7 of 9)
Q&A 3 (8 of 9)
Audience Q&A (9 of 9)

The seminar provided insight and advice that would help you build up your business with Japanese multimedia content, and was applicable to multiple fields and sectors. I hope you have a look at them and get hints to improve your business further.

Source: Hyper Japan
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