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Anime on Demand to simulcast [C] - Control - The Money and Soul of Possibility

Date: 2011 April 19 15:48

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The good folks at legitimate anime streaming service Anime On Demand have sent us details about there latest stream to hit the UK. [C] - Control - The Money and Soul of Possibility. The show will start streaming Thursday 21st April 2011 at 17:45 BST (British Summer Time), just one week after it's Japanese debut. Each week a new episode will be added to the site in the future.

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Press release as follows:


PARIS, FRANCE (April 19, 2011) - Fuji Television's popular noitaminaA block kicks off in the UK for the first time as Anime on Demand, the UK's only dedicated Anime VOD provider, announced today it will partner with Fuji for the exclusive online simulcast of its newest series: "[C] - Control - The Money and Soul of Possibility".

The first episode will be available at starting April 21 at 17:45 BST (British Summer Time), one week after its Japanese broadcast debut. Each week a new episode will be added to the site in addition to other streaming partners in future.

"[C]" is an ongoing original series produced by Tatsunoko Production and directed by Kenji Nakamura ("Welcome to Irabu's Office", "Mononoke"). Noboru Takagi ("Durarara!!", "Baccano!") is scripting it and mebae ("Cencoroll" and "Black Rock Shooter") will be doing the character designs.


The Japanese government was rescued from the brink of financial collapse by the Sovereign Wealth Fund. For its citizens, however, life has not improved, and unemployment, crime, suicide, and despair are rampant.
Kimimaro, raised by his maternal grandmother after the disappearance of his father and the death of his mother, is a scholarship student whose only dream is to avoid all this and live a stable life. One day, however, he meets a man who offers him a large sum of money if he'll agree to pay it back. From then on his fate is radically altered as he's drawn into a mysterious realm known as "The Financial District."


Ever wanted a service where you didn't click on a file and find you were geo-filtered out? Ever felt frustrated with monthly-subscriptions and want to try a different way of doing things? How about one where you can interact face-to-face at events across the UK with the staff behind the project? All of these questions and more are what helped shape our decision to launch this platform in association with the leading distributors of anime in the UK.

Anime on Demand is the UK's only dedicated provider of VOD, brought to you in association with the leading providers of anime on home video in the UK. Catch us at the next event we will be attending this year - London MCM Expo on May 27th to 29th!

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Source: Anime on Demand
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