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At Home in Japan - Beyond the Minimal House

Date: 2011 March 03 16:43

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If you can get to London between 22nd March 2011 to 29th August 2011 you should try and swing over to the The Geffrye Museum, which has an interesting exhibition At Home in Japan - Beyond the Minimal House. To see a Special Exhibition on what Japanese homes are really like.

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Press release as follows:

Special Exhibition at the Geffrye Museum

22 March to 29 August 2011.
Admission: £5/£3 conc./Under 16s free

Beyond The Minimal Japanese House

In the West, the Japanese house has reached iconic status in its architecture, decoration and style. However, is this neat, carefully constructed version of Japanese life in fact a myth? This special exhibition aims to question the widespread stereotype of the minimal Japanese house, characterised by large empty spaces devoid of people and things. It goes behind the doors of contemporary urban homes to find out how private domestic lives are lived in Japan today, examining a variety of aspects of the home – from decoration, display, furniture and the tatami mat, to eating, sleeping, 'gifting', cleaning, hygiene, and worship.

Based on original ethnographic research by Dr Inge Daniels (University of Oxford), with project-specific photography by Susan Andrews (London Metropolitan University). Daniels and Andrews collaborated on the richly illustrated book 'The Japanese House: Material Culture in the Modern Home'.

Source: The Geffrye Museum
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