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Bunkasai Japanese Festival and the European Cosplay Gathering in London - March 2011

Date: 2011 February 06 13:32

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UK based Cosplayers looking to be part of the European Cosplay scene will be pleased to hear about the European Cosplay Gathering. Known as ECG for short, this new cosplay competition will have it's finals at the Japan Expo in Paris. What makes the ECG a bit different is that cosplay performance is just as important as the costume.

The UK selection of the Competition will be held at the Bunkasai Japanese Festival on Saturday 5th March 2011 at Conway Hall Red Lion Square, Holborn London. Near Holborn tube station.

Bunkasai has an interesting selection of events, including Martial Arts demonstrations, Taiko Drumming workshops, Japanese Language lessons, a lecture on the Tea Ceremony, Food Tasting, Sake Tasting and much more.

Tickets are £5 on the door (with Children under 10 free). Or you can buy a single ticket for £3.50, or 4 tickets for £10 on their website.

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Press release as follows:


Bunkasai to host European Cosplay Gathering selections
5th March at Conway Hall, London

Bunkasai will be holding the UK selections for the European Cosplay Gathering 2011!

Bunkasai is a new event in London, introducing Japanese culture to a young audience. Bunkasai is Japanese for "cultural festival", and visitors to the event on March 5th can look forward to traditional activities including shamisen and shakuhachi, calligraphy, tea ceremony and Japanese food workshops.

Modern culture will be represented too, as this year, Bunkasai has been chosen to host the UK selection for the European Cosplay Gathering, a new European-wide cosplay competition! The schedule will also include manga workshops and a karaoke party.

Bunkasai will replace the winter edition of its sister event, the Japanese Art Festival, which welcomes 2,000 visitors twice a year. The next Japanese Art Festival will take place in July. Both events are organised by Japanese lecturer Akemi Solloway.

About the European Cosplay Gathering
The European Cosplay Gathering (or ECG for short) is a new European cosplay competition. The final will take place at Japan Expo in Paris, with countries from around Europe competing for the title. Unlike other competitions, ECG is focused on cosplay performance, with both costume and performance receiving equal points.

At Bunkasai, one individual and one group will be selected to represent the UK. The lucky winners will receive a week-long trip to France, 4-day VIP ticket to Japan Expo and the chance to represent their country at the 2011 ECG final!

For more information about Bunkasai and how to enter the European Cosplay gathering, please visit

Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London
Date: 5th March 2011
Time: 10:00 – 16:30

Source: Bunkasai
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