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Reni's Maid Show and Cafe - NYC January 23th 2011

Date: 2011 January 11 16:37

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New York based fans of singing cosplay maids will be pleased to hear that Reni will be performing on Sunday January 23rd 2011. The venue will be Amber Village 432 6th Avenue New York, NY 10011.

There's a $12 door charge, ($10 for cosplayers).

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Press release as follows:

New York, NY -January 11-, 2011 - Aspire Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce
Reni's monthly Maid Cafe & show on January 23rd.

Join the Moe Movement. A J-pop Singer, Reni Mimura brings
Japanese authentic Pop culture to the U.S.

Adorability, profound ideology and high-energy onstage presence represent
Reni's futuristic and charismatic performance, making Reni not only a great singer and dancer, but also a leader of "Moe" movement world-wide. With this movement,
can a girl from Japan become an American idol as she dreams?

What: Reni's Japanese "Maid" Show
When: 1/23 (Sun) 12PM - 3:30PM
Where: Amber Village 432 6th Avenue New York, NY 10011 (212)477-5880
Charge: $12 at Door (Lunch not included) $10 in Cosplay
Note: No age limit
You Tube:

Stream live for people all over the world
For more Information

Reni's Bio:
Reni was born and raised in Japan and began training in the art of dance and theater at a very young age. Her big break came after she entered and won a talent search competition. She then released her first Japanese CD in 2006 produced by Takahiro Yamautsuri, who composed the music for one of the Pokemon movies.

In 2008, Reni relocated to New York City and hopes to bring this unique style to the United States. Having barely begun performing in America, since February 2009, Reni has quickly gained wide attention, and has been invited to perform in the most prominent animation conventions and other music events. Reni released her latest CD album "Sakura" in September 2009 and published her first photo book "Maid in NY" in March 2010.

As her fan base increases, attention from the industry and Japan glows. In 2010, the National Broadcasting Television Station of Japan (NHK) made 2 documentaries on Reni's career in America and the impact of her performances on western audiences and the fashion industry.

What is Maid Cafe?

Source: Reni\'s Blog
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