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Reni Mimura NYAF interview

Date: 2010 October 15 16:51

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Reni Mimura, a cosplayer and singer living in New York, was performing at this years New York Anime Festival. Despite her busy schedule, she found the time to sit down and chat with us for a brief time about her reasons for taking her work to New York, what she thinks of her fans and which she prefers: cosplay or singing!

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Taken from Reni's official site:
Reni specializes in Moe style performances, a genre that emphasizes the cute look of Japanese pop-culture with the hip appeal of Japanese animation. Through her singing and dancing, she creates an adorable, peaceful, yet exciting mood.
Reni was born and raised in Japan and began training in the art of dance and theater at a very young age. Her big break came after she entered and won a talent search competition from among 1,000 singers. She then released her first Japanese CD in 2006 produced by TakahiroYamautsuri, who composed the music for one of the Pokemon movies.

In 2008 Reni relocated to New York City and hopes to bring this unique style to the United States. As interest in Japanese entertainment grows among the American youth, Reni offers her audiences the most fun and authentic Japanese pop experience, without ever having to travel to Tokyo. In 2009, she began her regular monthly Japanese 'Maid' Show events, and has been invited as a guest performer to Japan Society, Otakon and NY Anime Fetival this year. Reni is quickly winning over the hearts of many new local fans, thanks to her pretty stage costumes, upbeat personality, and her outstanding singing talent.
Her new CD album "Sakura" is released on September 25th, 2009.

Please note: Reni describes her fans as her Angels.

Reni the cosplay Maid Singer

Why become a cosplayer and singer?

I want more communications from Japan to America...[that is, there is a] New York-style and my style. I want to America to know my Japanese cute-style, cute woman.

OK, why move to New York specifically? Why not Los Angeles or San Francisco?

New York style is very new. New York people [are] interested in everything new so I decided, New York!

What is the best thing about your job, about what you do, one good thing?

Communicating with my Angels!

What the most challenging thing about your work?

To be become more famous in America not just in animation [circles], to be huge in America.

You trained in ballet, hip-hop and Japanese-style dance. If you had to choose one, which one and why?

I do ballet as a basic [base] for my body movement, I've been doing it for a long time. Hip-hop, I choose Hip-hop because it's very useful to show the cuteness [in my dancing].

When you do a show, which do you like the most - large areas with lots of people, or really small places with your fans who just want to hang out with you?

Because I like more people to know about me, what I do, I like to perform in a big audence. But I really like communicate with people, with each other, I prefer a small crowd. It's a very hard question to answer!

Singing or cosplay - which to you prefer and why? Or you can have both if you want but why do you like both at the same time?

My style of singing - I change one song to the other, all the time constantly. That's the same idea as the cosplay - the character changes all the time. My singing style fits to the concept of cosplay, that's why I do both of them at the same time.

A lot of your fans are from places like Europe, would you see yourself at some point, if you're invited to perform at a show, would you go?

I was invited to Shanghai, and I really liked going. I would go anywhere, I would really like to go all those countries. I promise to keep this movement [going] so if you invite me, I'll go there. For sure!

Last question, I know you have your messages for you angels and the fans who visit your site but because of your experiences at the Comic-Con this year, do you have any message for your fans who came and saw you this year?

All these conventions, they invite guests from Japan to perform, but I live in the United States and my relationship with Japan and America is more like Japan is family and America is more like the boyfriend and girlfriend. I'm falling more in love with America so if you come and see me, please support me.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Otaku News, it's been really good having you for an interviewee and I hope the interview gives you more fans to come and visit you.

Thank you for the support, thank you so much!

Reni with Bunny ears

Reni's site can be found at:

Source: Otaku News
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