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G4techTV to screen Gad Guard

Date: 2004 November 08 18:24

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G4techTV will be screening Gad Guard soon. The show premieres on Tuesday at 12am ET/Monday 9pm PT. New episodes air all week except for Wednesday 12am ET/Tuesday 9pm PT.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

This week on Anime Unleashed, we welcome the American debut of a new Geneon series, Gad Guard, which premieres on Tuesday at 12am ET /Monday 9pm PT. New episodes air all week except for Wednesday 12am ET/Tuesday 9pm PT when Anime Unleashed takes a break with the rest of G4techTV to bring you special coverage of Halo 2.

Gad Guard

The Story:
Many people have searched for it, many have stolen it, and many will kill for it. The Gad is a seemingly magical stone that, once making a strong spiritual connection with someone, will grow into a very powerful robot known as a Techode: a mechanical being that embodies the will of the bonded person. This is the story of Hajiki Sanada, a boy struggling to help support his fatherless family in an electricity-impoverished city known as Night Town. One day he encounters a Gad and a special bond is formed. Now his life will never be the same.

(From Gonzo, the creators of Last Exile, Vandread, Hellsing)

What you have to look forward to:

Gad Guard Episode 1 - Looking Up At the Same Sky
One day, Hajiki has to make a very special delivery - that of a the strange cargo known as a GAD

Gad Guard Episode 2 - Putting the Pieces Together
Hajiki commands the TECHODE to attack the Jack Gang, driving them off.

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Source: G4techTV
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