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London MCM Expo October 2009 Details

Date: 2009 September 14 17:05

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The good folks at the London MCM Expo have sent us the latest details for the event. Highlights from an anime perspective include - Studio BONES studio president Minami Masahiko and director Ando Masahiro, whose works include Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Seed Destiny and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Along with Trinity Blood voice actors Mike McFarland and Troy Baker.

The press release also has a shout out to cosplayers, who helped with the world record!

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Press releases as follows:


Get ready for the best MCM Expo ever!

London MCM Expo storms back to Excel this October with everything you've come to expect from the UK's top entertainment event... and more! Now expanding to fill an extra hall, this is the show that brings only the best in movies, sci-fi, anime, videogames and comics. Come face-to-face with your favourite film and TV stars; play and preview the hottest new computer games; catch up with the brightest comic book talent; check out the bargains on the merch stands and strut your stuff at our famous cosplay masquerade. And hey, did we mention that kids get in free?*

The first major announcement is that the stars of Warehouse 13, the smash hit show that's on track to become SyFy's biggest ever series in the States, will be participating in panels and signing sessions across the weekend. Indiana Jones meets the X-Files, Warehouse 13 centres on a secret US government warehouse crammed with ancient relics, mysterious artefacts and supernatural souvenirs – come and find out what's got US viewers so stoked!

Next up is the news that the Expo will see rare appearances by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Terry Farrell and Nicole deBoer, both of whom portrayed fan favourite Jadzia Dax, as well as Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds in Golden Globe-winning Deep South vampire series True Blood. We're also honoured to play host to silver screen and TV icon Ronny Cox, who you'll recognise from performances in Total Recall, Robo Cop, Stargate and, most famously, as the duelling banjoist in Deliverance. There are many more celebrities planning a trip to Expo this October, so keep an eye out for further announcements!

October's Expo provides the grand opening for the London Games Festival, so it's no surprise that the world's top developers are bringing their hottest titles to the show. Already announced are playable previews of killer games such as Tekken 6, Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands and Monster Hunter Tri, and you can bet that there's a lot more in store with big names like 2K; Activision; Capcom; EA; Namco Bandai; Nippon Ichi; Rising Star; SEGA; Tecmo Koei; Ubisoft and Warner Bros. all eager to give gamers sneak peeks at their upcoming hits. Practise your combos and get your trigger finger ready for a weekend of intense gaming action!

With more than 60 writers and artists already confirmed for the Expo, October's show looks like one of the best ever for anime, manga and comic enthusiasts. Fans will get to meet luminaries such as Alan Grant, Andy Diggle, Jock and Ben Templesmith – plus two very special guests from Japan, Studio BONES studio president Minami Masahiko and director Ando Masahiro, who have worked on epic series including Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Seed Destiny and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also from the world of anime, the Expo is proud to welcome Trinity Blood voice talents Mike McFarland and Troy Baker. Oh, and let's not forget those other stars – all you guys and girls whose awesome cosplay makes the Expo a world beater!

For the most up-to-date Expo news visit:

* Free entry for children aged 10 and under if accompanied by a full paying adult - restricted to two children per full paying adult


Geek out at the MCM Expo!

New games announced for UK's top entertainment event.

As the grand opening of this year's London Games Festival, London MCM Expo was always going to be knee-deep in sweet gaming goodness, giving visitors hands-on experience with upcoming epic titles such as Bandai Namco's 'Tekken 6', Ubisoft's 'Assassin's Creed 2' and 'Monster Hunter Tri' from Capcom. Now three more top developers give you a sneak peek at what they've got planned for October's Expo:

2K Games are proud to present Gearbox's revolutionary new first person role-playing shooter 'Borderlands', which plunges up to four players into the harsh frontier world of Pandora in search of the mysterious Alien Vault. Level up your character with one of four individual skill sets, jump behind the wheel for some high-speed vehicle-to-vehicle combat and take your pick from literally hundreds of thousands of weapons created by the game's unique content generation system – if you're going to survive the deadly wastelands of Pandora, you'll need all the help you can get!

Mighty heroes and wannabe warriors should make their way over to the Koei Tecmo stand, where you'll get the chance to play Ryu, Rachel and two all-new characters in Team Ninja's awesome blockbuster action sequel 'Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2'; battle legendary heroes and mythical monsters in 'Warriors: Legends of Troy'; and raise up an army of zombies for some handheld hack-and-slashery in 'Undead Knights' for the PSP. Meanwhile, 'Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce HD' brings the PSP hit to the Xbox 360 and PS3, complete with upgraded graphics, online cooperative play and stunning super-powered transformations. Will you be the one to reunite the Three Kingdoms?

Supernatural thrills come courtesy of Rising Star Games' 'Ju-On: The Grudge', which sees the cult horror classic transformed into the Wii's first haunted house simulator... with spine-chillingly scary results. Another Wii game on show will be 'Muramasa: The Demon Blade', a visually-stunning action role-playing game that challenges the player to retrieve 108 cursed blades scattered throughout feudal Japan.
Meanwhile, Nintendo DS users can get in touch with their kawaii side with titles such as 'Angel Cat Sugar' and 'Happy Party with Hello Kitty and Friends'. And that's not all – Rising Star is also bringing two previously unannounced titles to the Expo – 'Way of the Samurai 3' for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and 'Papermates' for the DS.

Other big names with exciting new titles to announce include Activision; Electronic Arts, Konami and Nippon Ichi, so keep an eye out for more breaking news!

For the most up-to-date Expo news visit:

* Age restrictions may apply to some gaming experiences.

Source: London MCM Expo
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