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Japanese Maid Show September 6th in NYC

Date: 2009 September 02 17:16

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Fans of Akiba culture in NY should head over to Top Tunes Karaoke Bar on September 6th 2009 where Japanese Copsplay Singer Reni will perform anime songs and J-Pop.

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Details as follows:

A Japanese Copsplay Singer, Reni Mimura, sings Anime songs and J-pop.
Reni introduces new original songs for the first time before performing at NY Anime Festival.

Japanese Pop Star Reni

This will be the last Free Admission show so we hope you can make it! Please come early to reserve space. The space is very limited.

Cosplayers are, of course, welcome!! Reni's goods are also available for the first time!

Reni/ Japanese "Maid" Show Reni sings
Requested Anime songs in Cosplay and much more from Akihabara

Sep. 6th 6pm - 8pm
Once a month/ 1st Sunday of every month

Top Tunes Karaoke Bar
303-305 East 53rd Street (at 2nd Ave)
New York, NY 10022

Source: Reni
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