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Japanese Art Festival Hosts UK premiere of Ghibli classic

Date: 2009 June 29 11:50

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The Japanese Art Festival returns in July and will also be screening the UK premiere of the Studio Ghibli anime Ocean Waves.

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The Japanese Art Festival returns in July in Richmond. One of the many highlights is the UK premiere of Ocean Waves, a Studio Ghibli title previously unreleased in the UK.

Fusing a naturalistic neo-realist style with nostalgic recollection of the anxieties of first love, Ocean Waves is a look back at the halcyon teenage years of Taku as he journeys to a high school reunion. Directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (best known for his work on Here is Greenwood and Kimagure Orange Road: I Want To Return To That Day), it was the first Ghibli title not to be directed by the studio's creators, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Screening courtesy of Optimum Releasing, this rarely seen gem of a film is a can't-miss opportunity for Ghibli fans.

In addition to the screening, fans of anime and manga will have plenty to keep them occupied, with a range of activities throughout the weekend including an exhibition of manga art, manga workshops, and a cosplay masquerade. Plus many more Japanese cultural activities and events.

Source: Japanese Art Festival
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