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International Manga and Anime Festival Launches

Date: 2004 October 27 18:20

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We've just got a press release from a group called IMAF, who will be holding an international competition to find the best manga and anime talent in the world, entrants stand a chance to win big bucks with a total prize fund of $75,000!

The entrants work will be shown at London County Hall from 16th - 19th December. Judges include Koike Kazuo who is best known for writing Lone Wolf and Cub and Crying Freeman.

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Press release as follows:

International Manga and Anime Festival (IMAF)


The first-ever annual international competition to identify the best in Manga and Anime talent in the world has been launched, with $75,000 worth of prizes to be won.

"We are looking for fabulous new talent wherever it is," says Dr Andre Singer of IMAF, who is the organiser of the competition. "The popularity of Manga and Anime is increasing worldwide, and the competition will create a new forum for Manga artists and Manga animators, whether professional or amateur, to show the dynamic scope of their 'fantastical pictures' and stories in the wonderful world of Manga."

Work from selected entrants will be on show at the first annual International Manga and Anime Festival, which is to be held at the historic London County Hall from December 16th - 19th. The festival will show an original and exciting mix of Manga and Anime from around the world in both a modern and original environment. Anime will be on show in and around the prestigious Debating Chamber within London County Hall using the latest AV technology, with other displays being held in the elegant Riverside Suites overlooking the River Thames, Houses of Parliament and London Eye.

A panel of experts including Internationally renowned Manga writer, Koike Kazuo, who wrote the acclaimed "Samurai Executioner", "Crying Freeman", "Lone Wolf and Cub" plus the British impresario, Pete Waterman, who has a deep fascination for the world of Manga, will judge the entrants to the competition and prizes will be awarded in January/February 2005 in the following categories:

Best Short Animation
Best Storyboard
Best Character

Within each category, prizes will be awarded for work appealing to young children, teenagers or adults, reflecting the wide appeal of the manga genre. Each category prize will be worth $5,000, with a first prize of $30,000 for the best overall entry. The deadline for entries is November 30th 2004.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the IMAF website on which has full terms and conditions of the competition.

"The widespread influence of Manga is considerable but has received little acknowledgement by Western audiences. The Lion King and Finding Nemo, both fabulously successful films, were based on Anime, and there are hundreds of examples of Western-style animated movies taking their inspiration from Manga," continues Dr Andre Singer.

"It's now time for Manga and Anime to gain full international recognition and we have created a new focus for Manga through an international Festivaltogether with the setting up of an animation centre, CHASE, here at London County Hall, lead by Manga experts from all over the world including Japan, South America, Europe and China."

Source: IMAF
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