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Capcom Bond Blunder

Date: 2009 February 25 17:44

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The state of the world economy is all over the news at the moment, with pictures of stressed out stock brokers, being a common image. This week a mistake was made on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. One trader at the Japanese branch of Swiss Bank UBS made a colossal error, trying to buy 3 trillion yen (about $31bn USD, or £21bn GBP) in bonds for Capcom. Luckily as the order was placed out of hours they were able to cancel it.

Apparently the trader was intending to buy 30 million bonds instead. UBS deny it's a case of fat finger error with the user pressing the same key too many times, but another computer error of some sort.

We're guessing that with all the hype in Street Fighter IV, the trader was keen to pull off their own Ultra Combo with bonds!

Source: BBC News
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