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Paprika original novel to be released in UK in 2009

Date: 2009 February 04 10:57

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Original novel Satoshi Kon based anime film Paprika upon will be released in the UK

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UK publisher Alma Books has released details of their upcoming English translation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel Paprika, which was made into an animated feature by famed director Satoshi Kon in 2006. Alma has released 7 chapters in PDF form for customers to read on their website. The book will be released in April 2009.

The novel has been adapted into an aforementioned film as well as two separate manga titles, one by Eri Sakai and an another by Reiji Hagiwara. Both have been printed in Kodansha magazines. Paprika the film has received numerous critics praise and won the Best Feature Length Theatrical Anime Award at the 2007 Tokyo Anime Awards.

Source: ANN
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