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Free copies of MAMEzine to gogogo

Date: 2008 May 03 14:28

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In part of stock clearance, and in part of celebration of Free Comic Book Day (today), I'm giving away the rest of our copies of MAMEzine!

MAMEzine is or rather was, a non-profit fanzine I created alongside a wealth of brilliant contributors (some of whom are also resident on this forum). It was on sale via online and a few events over the last five years or so, mainly the London Anime Club.

It used to cost approx. £1.50 a copy, but here on out from today it's totally FREE!!!

Full Story

Email for details

On with the details on the actual zine...

Plushie Lounge Potato #1 by Claire Sears
Fan Scene Highlights by Rhoda Villegas Prev
Backfire by Rebecca McCarthy, Andy Marc Prev
Pick Up the Beat by Laura Watton Prev
Event Reports & Reviews by Various Prev1 Prev2
First Date by Sonia Leong Prev
....And More!!!

Plushie Lounge Potato #2 by Claire Sears
Many an Event Report by Various
A Virgin Traveller's Guide to Doing Japan by Peter Vine
MLS: Reuniting the Melody (an experimental comic really...)
Reviews by Various
....And More!!!

I have a wealth of copies, as my cat Lion can see... (see attachments below)

But COPIES ARE LIMITED, but you're welcome to have as many as you want, just make sure you send an SSAE for each one you want, okay?!!

Thank you for reading!

Source: Sweatdrop Forum
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