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LDMS now distrubting ADV titles in the UK.

Date: 2008 March 11 19:08

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We've received a press release from LDMS who will be now be distributing ADV DVD titles in the UK, after ADV closed their UK offices. The press release details the release schedule up until May 2008.

After ADV UK closing down it's good to see that their titles will be still be distributed, but it's sad to see that ADV UK had to shut shop, the UK staff there were more than just people doing their jobs, they were actual anime fans with a passion for what they were doing which does make a difference. ADV UK's presence at anime events will be sorely missed. They were more than just another company, they were actually part of the UK anime scene. It was a shame to see these people lose their jobs. We wish them the best of luck in finding a new careers.

It will be interesting to see if LDMS will be active in anime fan circles as ADV UK was.

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Press release as follows:




LDMS, in partnership with ADV Films, is pleased to offer once again ALL titles in the ADV catalogue from all good retailers. These include series on hiatus, titles already announced but delayed, and older titles on special offer from select outlets.

"It’s business as usual for ADV Film’s titles in the UK," said Andy Lyon, Sales Director at Lace Digital Media Sales. "The delay was regrettable, but unavoidable as part of the operational transition. LDMS are happy to announce stock of all titles is in circulation again as before."

"It is our great pleasure to be able to build upon all the hard work we’ve done for ADV Films over the past five years, by expanding our role and ensuring the continuing presence of the brand ands its titles here in the UK," said new Label Manager Howard Musson. "I’ve worked with ADV Films through two companies now, and am familiar with both the quality of their products and the passion of their fans. We aim to meet the high levels of expectation created by the work of the now-closed London office."

The new schedule announced to the retail industry last Friday, subsequently posted by, is:

17th March 2008
Shadow Skill vol.6: Emergence Of The Beast - DSSK006 – RRP £12.99
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Complete Collection – DFF100 – RRP £69.99

31st March 2008
Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour vol. 5 – The Secrets Of Relic’s Point – RRP £19.99

14th April 2008
Pumpkin Scissors vol.1: Honor and Blood – DPMP001 – RRP £19.99
Le Chevalier D’Eon vol.6: Bête Noire – DCDE006 – RRP £19.99
Red Garden vol.3: The Body Snatchers - DRG003 – RRP £19.99

28th April 2008
Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy vol.1: Everyone Has Wings – DAMG001 – RRP £14.99
Kurau Phantom Memory vol.4: Mirror Image – DKP004 – RRP £19.99
Paniponi Dash vol.5: Delinquent Genius – DPPD005 – RRP £19.99

12th May 2008
The Wallflower Lesson One: My Fair Bishonen – DWF001 – RRP £19.99
009-1 vol.3 – DCYB003 – RRP £19.99
Utawarerumono vol.5: The Beast Within – DUM005 – RRP £19.99

Alongside the new release schedule, a new sale at HMV and its online counterpart started today Wednesday 5th March, featuring a wide range of ADV Films’ titles. Fans who missed out on the warehouse blowout last month would do well to pop down to their local branch or go online to in order to pick up some serious bargains.

Finally, LDMS announced their recruitment of former ADV Films stalwart Hugh K. David as consultant to the label. "I am pleased to be given this chance to ensure continuity between the old and the new versions of ADV Films here in the UK," said David. "Five years ago we started out on an exciting adventure, which has since come to an end for the former staff, but thanks to LDMS continues into a strong future for the fans and consumers of anime throughout the UK."

About LDMS:
Lace DVD is the biggest independent DVD publisher in the UK. Its sales arm, Lace Digital Media Sales (LDMS), looks after all DVD sales for Lace DVD and our third party clients, which now numbers over twenty labels. Now in its 10th year of trading, the independent publisher is about to launch the Lace Media Group which offers creative, media, design, TV and live event services to the outside world.

LDMS Info and more HERE:

About ADV Films:
ADV Films is the leading producer-distributor of Japanese animation ("anime") in the western hemisphere, with the firm’s holdings including such premier titles as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Samurai X, RahXephon, Hellsing, Full Metal Panic! and Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor. ADV Films also distributes select fine programming in other genres, including live-action science-fiction titles such as the legendary updated Gamera films.

Parent company, A.D. Vision, Inc., encompasses a multitude of complementary media divisions, spanning publishing, television, licensing and merchandising and continues to expand into new areas. Its Anime Network™ is America's first digital television network dedicated to bringing anime and anime-related programming to consumers nationwide via digital cable. A.D. Vision, Inc. maintains world headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA with additional offices in Tokyo and San Francisco.

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Source: LDMS
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