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Neo Nohcon adds Japanese Performing Arts

Date: 2008 February 23 12:13

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Anime fans who can get to Amherst in New York, will want to go to Neo Nohcon on March 7th to 8th 2008. They've got an interesting line up of guests and events including Taisho-Koto and traditional Japanese Dance.

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Press release as follows:

Special Taisho-Koto and Traditional Japanese Dance Event at Daemen College

Neo Nohcon

BUFFALO, NY- February 22, 2008- Neo Nohcon, an intimate indie-college con at Daemen College in Buffalo, New York is excited to announce the addition of a special Taisho-Koto Performance + Traditional Japanese Dance on day two of the con, Saturday March 8, at 8:00PM. This event will be not only a great cultural gem, but also a great opportunity for the attendees to learn more about the performance side of Japanese art.

Performer Mary Hirtzel will perform with her Taisho-koto, invented during the beginning of the Taisho period of 20th century Japan. She will be playing popular Japanese songs and traditional music from the Kabuki theatre, including Moonlight Densetsu, Kokaji, Kojo-no Tsuki, and Sakura.

There will also be six members of the JGB dance group, instructed by Mrs. Setsuko Mullen, who will introduce the Neo NohCon audience to Odori: a Japanese style of creative dance which combines traditional Japanese style with folk and free-style dancing. Beautiful kimono and dance are sure to astound the audience, and for the last performance, the JGB dance group will invite Neo Noh members to participate by joining the dancers’ circle on stage!

Be sure to attend Neo NohCon for a cultural experience that you will never forget! For more information about the guests, events, and activities, be sure to check out

The theme of Neo NohCon is "Art in Anime", with events taking place March 7th- 8th, 2008. The focus of Anime as art will spring to life through exciting guests, interactive panels, workshops, performance, and culture, as well as anime and manga themed activities. Entertainment will include concerts, karaoke, a dance party, cosplay, contests, vendors, video games, charity raffle, artist alley with activities for all attendees, and much more! Half of the proceeds will benefit the Matthew Foster Foundation, a local charity for children battling cancer.

Neo NohCon Rates & Hours of Operation:
Registration at the door is limited. Pre-Register Online before February 22th!
Friday Concert & activities- 4pm-Midnight: $10
Saturday all day activities- 9am-Midnight: $20
Both days: $25

About the Daemen Anime Club: The Daemen College Anime Club is a diverse group of individuals who are all about spreading the love of anime, manga, & other Japanese culture related subjects.

Guest List
Kyle Hebert, Samantha Inuoe Harte, Antimere Robinson, Michael "Mookie" Terracciano, Lucien Dodge, Professors Brent and Marj Wilson, Brian Hammer, Christian Brandjes, keving Kegler, Mary Hirtzel and the JGB Dance Group. Bands include ARMCANNON, AXIS, Double Bass64, The Dance Macabre, and Break This Silence for the Friday Night Neo Noh ROK kickoff party.

Source: Neo Nohcon
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