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Origami Paper Planes to fly in space

Date: 2008 February 07 09:03

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BBC News are running a story about the University of Tokyo's latest engineering project. They are currently testing a paper aeroplane that they want to launch from the International Space Station to glide back to earth.

The plan is to get a Japanese astronaut to throw 100 plans into space so they will land on earth.

The paper planes are designed by the Japan Origami Airplane Association. The planes actually are made out of paper, but are treated with a special compound to increase heat resistance. Currently the research looks promising, with planes can resist winds speeds up to Mach 7, and also endured temperatures of around 300 degrees Celsius.

The project is being done to inspire new designs for lightweight re-entry vehicles and similar craft to explorer the earth's atmosphere, as well as inspiring school children to taken an interest in science.

Source: BBC News
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