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Mysterious cities of gold box set dated our inner childs are happy

Date: 2008 February 03 02:47

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Fabulous films have sent an e-mail confirming the impending release of the first of their Mysterious cities of gold box sets. The e-mail went on to link the HMV online shop which lists the release date as 24th March 2008. The HMV release will have some added extras not found elsewhere including postcards and a poster.

The RRP is £54.99 with HMV listing it at £37.99 along with the chance to win an MCOG cell if you pre-order. Hit read more for highlights of the suggestions Fabulous films received for extras

Full Story

- Phillip Scofield CBBC sing a long (I voted for that)
-Kareoke theme music (presumably so we can emulate Schofield)
-Posts cards and posters (thanks to this easy option we - fear the absence of Schofield!)
-A Documentary

Documentaries, voice actor interviews, sound track CD, and producer interviews all scored highly. At this point only the poster/ post cards are extra actually confirmed and then only for the HMV edition.

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