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Blue Lock The Movie -Episode Nagi- Review

Date: 2024 July 04 17:55

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Blue Lock is the hugely successful football manga with over 30 million copies in circulation. The franchise has one season of anime so far, with a season 2 in the works. Blue Lock - Episode Nagi is a spin off of the main the main franchise, with the events following Nagi instead of Isagi.

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Blue Lock is one of those rather fun shonen series with a gloriously ridiculous setup. It tells the story of the Blue Lock programme, whose sole purpose is to create Japan's best striker for the next World Cup. 300 promising school boys are recruited. The programme looks to foster talent, but also ego, with the belief that only an egotist will be selfish enough to take that winning shot.

Blue Lock The Movie -Episode Nagi-

Our story starts with young Nagi at school. He's kind of an everyman who just wants to slack off, play video games and perhaps have a nap on the side too. He lacks motivation to do anything and clearly just wants an easy life. Even eating is too much effort for him. Then a chance encounter with schoolmate Reo reveals Nagi's talent for football, so they both get headhunted for the Blue Lock Programme. Then much football ensues.

Blue Lock The Movie -Episode Nagi-

Budget-wise the film itself feels more like a long TV episode. It's not particularly big budget with all the big moments saved for on pitch action. The animation is pretty standard and when it does get more elaborate it's not really ground breaking.

Blue Lock The Movie -Episode Nagi-

If you're new to Blue Lock, this movie does provide a great introduction as it's a side story and scenario is explained for you. First time viewers won't be familiar with all the characters, but it doesn't really matter that much in the context of the story.

Blue Lock is very much a shonen battle series. Instead of special moves actual footballing terms are used. Characters eyes light up blue and then produce blue flames around the eyes that can spread to full on auras if the motivation to get a goal is high enough.

It's clearly a switch your brain off and enjoy type of affair. If you start thinking about it, you can pick holes in it, which just get bigger. We were confused that despite being a super slacker Nagi is very physically fit and toned. Where does he find the motivation to actually be buff?! Why doesn't Choki the cactus get more screen time? Why do they assume every anime fan knows the off side rule?

There's also one story point that just seems plain cold when it hits you too (you'll know what it is when it happens).

If you like Blue Lock, you'll know what to expect, it's more of a recap / side story movie. If you want to get into the franchise this is a good place to start. You'll want to hang on until after the end credits for an extra bit too.

Source: Otaku News
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