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Touchy, Feely Ad

Date: 2007 August 30 18:56

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New game ad allows customers to feel up a cardboard cutout. Really.

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There are some ad campaigns you can only get away with in other countries. The latest one from Japanese game maker OLE, for their new game Oppai Baka, for example, allows customers to cop a feel on the breasts of a cardboard cutout.

No, really.

Placed near the cash registers in Japanese stores, the standup cutout of a well-endowed young girl features inflatable, three-dimensional bosoms that shoppers can squeeze all they want. In fact, it seems they’re encouraged to do so. It gives a pretty good idea of just what Oppai Baka (which translates as "booby fool") is about in terms of game play.

Yeah, definitely something you couldn't get away with in the U.S.

And the sad part? This’ll probably be the closest most gamers will get to copping a feel off a girl.

Source: Wizard Magazine
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